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Novel Magic: A Twist of Poe

A Twist of Poe is a romantic suspense series by the legendary Velda Brotherton. Welcome to the Universe, Velda! A Twist of Poe–Book 6 Coming Soon. Don’t Wait! All three Zoraida Grey books are on sale! Until November 6!! Visit Books By Sorchia to grab your copies or go to Sorchia’s Amazon Author Page to order.

My Heart Weeps by Pam Thiboceaux

Novel Magic: My Heart Weeps

Novel Magic has been on hiatus for several months, but we’re baaaack. Check out My Heart Weeps by Pam Thibodeaux, a story inspired by her own tragic loss. A Note from Pam Once again, I’ve been invited to visit Sorchia’s Universe. In my previous visits, I differentiated between Sci-Fy, Paranormal and SuperNatural and Categorizing Your Novel. Although I still don’t write Fantasy, Mystery, Thrillers, SteamPunk, Medieval or Paranormal, I DO write from a spiritual standpoint. The hero in my latest […]

Happy Birthday To ME

Recent events have made me quite appreciative of the opportunity to celebrate another trip around the sun. Last week, I celebrated my mumbelty-fourth such journey. Whew!! What a ride 2020 has been!! It was about this time last year I started to feel wonky. Long story short—Cancer. Surgery. Chemo. Recovery. I’m doing well, hair is growing back, and it’s time to get this party back on track. To celebrate, I’m opening up Novel Magic for free author promos starting next […]

Why I Use a Pen Name

Some years ago, I Googled myself and was not pleased with the result. My name was there, but it wasn’t me the name referred to. It seems a bunch of other bozos share my name. The Real Me was waaaaaaay down on the list. I can’t have that. Since I write murder mysteries, my mind wandered to a number of inappropriate options, all of which required more work than I was willing to put in. So I opted for an […]

Sorchia DuBois and the Big C

I’ve always loved scary stories–reading Poe late at night, watching true life murder documentaries and movies about ghosts and demons, living vicariously through the book and the TV, secure in the fact that nothing would ever–could ever– disturb my peaceful and boring life. Fear never really scared me. Until this year. In January, I trotted into my friendly neighborhood doctor’s office for what I thought was going to be a regular checkup. I’m healthy as a horse and always have […]

Novel Magic: A Date with a Werewolf

It’s not winter without a WereWolf!! And this one’s rich, too. Who wants the number of the Love Bites Paranormal Dating Agency? A Date with a WereWolf by Abbey MacMunn A date with an arrogant werewolf – what could possibly go wrong? Alpha werewolf, Grayson Beckett, thinks money can buy anything – including a wife. But when he joins Love Bites, Paranormal Dating Agency, finding a mate proves harder than he thought. To help her boss, dating agency coach, Jamie […]