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Happy Birthday To ME

Recent events have made me quite appreciative of the opportunity to celebrate another trip around the sun. Last week, I celebrated my mumbelty-fourth such journey.

Whew!! What a ride 2020 has been!!

It was about this time last year I started to feel wonky. Long story short—Cancer. Surgery. Chemo. Recovery. I’m doing well, hair is growing back, and it’s time to get this party back on track.

To celebrate, I’m opening up Novel Magic for free author promos starting next week and sharing some juicy news.


Author Friends—Free Promotion Opportunity

If you are an author with a book to promote in the genres of fantasy, mystery, horror, thrillers, steampunk, medieval romance, or something similar, sign up for a free promo post in Sorchia’s Universe. Promote up to three books or join other authors featured for the day. All you need to have is the cover and the backcover blurb. To get my feet wet, I’m keeping it simple. Sign up HERE.  To submit your stuff, go HERE.

Novel Magic

Juicy News

Now for the big news—Zoraida Grey and the Pictish Runes—the last book in the Zoraida Grey Trilogy—will be out and about on Oct. 30. You can preorder it right now for half price HERE.

I’m feverishly tying up loose ends. ZG3 is going out as my first indie and I’m crazy excited!! AAAnd I’m doing it all in the middle of a pandemic and a Mercury Retrograde.


Hostages in the tower, vampires in the caverns, witches in the drawing room.
     Castle Logan lives up to its dark reputation when Zoraida returns to Scotland with vengeance on her mind.
     To rescue her best friend forever, she’ll have to use every skill she’s learned. Will it be enough? How can a small-town fortuneteller hope to defeat the powerful witches of Castle Logan? The mysterious black crystal hidden beneath the East Tower offers certain victory––but the price is high.
     The last book in the Zoraida Grey Trilogy finds Zoraida pitted against the entire clan of Logan witches. If they think it’s going to be easy, they’ve got another think coming.

ProTip: The first two books in the series will be on sale for .99 each from Oct. 23 to Nov. 6.  More news on that next week.

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Bonus: You’ll get a free novella!

And that’s my news for this week! Watch for Novel Magic posts on Tuesdays and more info on Zoraida Grey as we get closer to launch!

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