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Editor for Hire

Unlock Your Manuscript’s Potential with Professional Editing!

Writing a novel is an exhilarating journey, a labor of love that requires dedication, creativity, and, let’s admit it, a touch of madness. Crafting a compelling story is no easy feat, and every writer can attest that the real magic happens during the editing process. However, the cost and fear of having your literary creation dissected by an editor often hold writers back.

Fear not, fellow wordsmiths, for I stand here as your ally, ready to transform your manuscript into a masterpiece. Why choose me as your editor? Let me share with you what sets me apart.

A Passionate Editor With the Right Credentials

I possess an MA in English and over 25 years of experience as a writing and composition instructor at both high school and college levels. For the past thirteen years, I’ve honed my skills as a technical editor, production specialist, and fiction editor. Writing is not just a job for me; it’s a passion. I am in the fortunate position of editing what I want, when I want, making me highly motivated and a joy to work with.

A Diverse Range of Genres

Do you dabble in Fantasy, Urban Fantasy, Cozy Mysteries, Mysteries of any ilk, Thrillers, Horror, YA Fantasy, or Paranormal Romance/Adventure? Look no further! I am well-versed in these genres, ready to bring out the best in your storytelling.

Why Fear the Editor’s Pen?

I understand the trepidation that comes with handing over your literary baby to an editor. But fear not, for I am not an uncaring, faceless entity. I am here to support you in your creative journey. Writing is indeed hard, but my aim is to provide clear and actionable advice, helping your manuscript reach its full potential while respecting your unique voice.

Services Tailored to Your Needs

I offer a range of services at reasonable rates with quick turnaround times:

  1. Developmental Editing: Delve deep into your manuscript with a comprehensive review at just .017¢ per word. For a limited time, take advantage of the “Going Back Into Business Sale” at .012¢ per word.
  2. Copyediting/Proofreading: Ensure your manuscript is polished and error-free at .01¢ per word. During the special promotion, grab this service at .007¢ per word.

Let’s Collaborate!

Not convinced yet? Take advantage of a complimentary edit of the first 1000 words of your novel. This allows us to ensure we are a perfect match for each other.

Have questions or want to discuss your project further? Reach out for an optional Zoom meeting. Your satisfaction is my priority, and together, we can bring your literary vision to life.

Embark on the journey of refining your manuscript with a skilled, supportive editor. Don’t let fear or cost hinder your progress. Let’s turn your novel into a literary gem!

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