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Novel Magic: My Heart Weeps

Novel Magic has been on hiatus for several months, but we’re baaaack. Check out My Heart Weeps by Pam Thibodeaux, a story inspired by her own tragic loss.

A Note from Pam

Once again, I’ve been invited to visit Sorchia’s Universe. In my previous visits, I differentiated between Sci-Fy, Paranormal and SuperNatural and Categorizing Your Novel. Although I still don’t write Fantasy, Mystery, Thrillers, SteamPunk, Medieval or Paranormal, I DO write from a spiritual standpoint.

The hero in my latest novel, My Heart Weeps, is Native American and writing his story enabled me to do a bit of research into Native American spirituality.

After thirty years married to the man of her dreams, Melena Rhyker is devastated by her husband’s death. Relief comes in the form of an artist’s retreat at the Crossed Penn ranch in Utopia, TX. She rediscovers a forgotten dream as her artistic talent flourishes into that of a gallery-worthy artist. Will she have the courage to follow the path she was destined to travel?

Garrett Saunders has been on the run most of his life. Abused and abandoned as a child, he escapes the clutches of a past filled with pain and shame, and hides from his calling as a Native American healer. His years as a CIA agent aid in overcoming his childhood and honing his talent and skill as a fine art photographer.

Follow their journey as two people who come from totally different backgrounds, but share gifts of gigantic proportions, find meaning and purpose in the Texas Hill Country.

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Zoraida Grey and the Pictish Runes

Hostages in the tower, vampires in the caverns, witches in the drawing room.
Castle Logan lives up to its dark reputation when Zoraida returns to Scotland with vengeance on her mind.
To rescue her best friend forever, she’ll have to use every skill she’s learned. Will it be enough? How can a small-town fortuneteller hope to defeat the powerful witches of Castle Logan? The mysterious black crystal hidden beneath the East Tower offers certain victory––but the price is high.
The last book in the Zoraida Grey Trilogy finds Zoraida pitted against the entire clan of Logan witches. But if they think it’s going to be easy, they have another think coming.

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