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Goddess Fish and S.K. Present: The Silvery Path by Dennis Scheel

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by Dennis Scheel

I would like to say that I write best with my cat beside me, but he likes to commandeer my keyboard, so I suppose I should say that Yuki makes sure I take regular and frequent breaks so that I don’t overtax myself. When he’s not lying on my keyboard, he tends to be resting on his bed or scratching by the door to get out into the garden, especially on nice days. It’s safe to say he’s never far away when I’m writing or searching for precious inspiration.

Now that the weather has gotten nice, I’ve been enjoying sitting out in my garden with Yuki, and my dog, Yoshi. I like to write in the garden while they’re basking in the sun, as I find nature particularly inspiring. There’s something about sunshine, greenery, flowers, and chirping birds that just makes writing all the more pleasant, so I have been appreciating their company.

Unfortunately, my bulldog, Yoshi, was thirteen years old and started experiencing some age-related health issues. As a result, I’ve had to put him down. Readers will see a posthumous dedication to him in my fourth book, The Silvery Path. He was a good writing buddy for me over the years. I’d sometimes come up with ideas while out on our evening walks together, so his value to me, both personally and as an inspiration, can never be understated.

As an animal lover, I’ve always thought of Yoshi and Yuki as my children, so I find spending time with them to be precious, engaging, and inspiring, as I’m sure some of my fellow writers do, too.

The Silvery Path by Dennis Scheel

Will it end in peace or a silvery dose of fate?

Henna’s manipulation knows no bounds,

Denida is still the object of her prophecy, while Lucifer, God, and Gabriel remain in her sights.

Having seen her son, Nina is more determined than ever to bring him back from Henna’s world of dead souls. Meanwhile, the Darkness runs rampant across the Underworlds and on Earth as Lucifer’s grief over Heavani’s death overwhelms him.

Everyone has their own goals and ends, but one thing is inescapable: the bright silvery path that Henna willed.

Can these characters escape destiny’s hold on them, or will they become pawns in Henna’s quest for revenge?

Meet Dennis Scheel

Writing about myself… oh, the horror!

As a Christmas Child, I believe magic is everywhere, especially during the winter, and I try to weave that magic into my stories. After all, my firm belief in karma and destiny has shaped who I am, so it should guide my stories, as well.

I was born and raised in Denmark, but faced many challenges during my life, one of which was my inability to write my stories in Danish! I’ve had my stories brewing in my head since I was a child and struggled for years to express them properly. After recovering from a diabetic attack that left me hospitalized, I managed to find my writer’s voice in English, and am thrilled to now have the ability to share my tales with you.

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