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Legacy of the Witch by Kirsten Weiss Goddess Fish Promotions

Legacy of the Witch–Pennsylvania Dutch Folk Magic

Today’s post is part of a Goddess Fish Promotions Tour. The author is offering a $10 Gift Card as a prize–Enter below–and visit all the stops on the tour to increase your chances of winning. Witches!! Tarot!! Folk Magic!! What’s not to like? I’m in love with this post! Take a look–Enter the Giveaway–Buy a copy! Researching Penn Dutch Folk Magic by Kirsten Weiss When I was a kid, my Pennsylvania Dutch father told me about having a wart removed […]

Happy Birthday To ME

Recent events have made me quite appreciative of the opportunity to celebrate another trip around the sun. Last week, I celebrated my mumbelty-fourth such journey. Whew!! What a ride 2020 has been!! It was about this time last year I started to feel wonky. Long story short—Cancer. Surgery. Chemo. Recovery. I’m doing well, hair is growing back, and it’s time to get this party back on track. To celebrate, I’m opening up Novel Magic for free author promos starting next […]

“A Cold Spring” Episodes 13 and 14

The Witch hits the fan in these episodes of “A Cold Spring.”  Need to find previous episodes? Start HERE. Episode 13: Magic of the Darker Sort Stately stewards carried in the main course on silver platters—a savory roast seasoned with rosemary and thyme. The sumptuous fragrance drew oohs and ahhs from the assemblage.  Cutlery clinked on the fine china, crystal goblets glittered, and the hall filled with laughter. Conversation bubbled throughout the room, ebullient as the champagne. Even the older […]

“A Cold Spring” Episodes 7 and 8

Witches and curses and magic–OH, MY! “A Cold Spring” is a wibbly-wobbly, timey-wimy story of tragedy and survival.  If you’ve just discovered it and don’t want to wander all over the Interwebs to read previous episodes–scroll to the bottom for a pdf of Episodes 1-8. Episode 7: Goblets of Fine, Old Wine Goblets of very fine and very old wine delivered by a young and slightly inebriated La Croix cousin put an end to any thoughts of a clandestine rendezvous […]

A Magical Tale for a Winter’s Day: “A Cold Spring” Episodes 5 and 6

At the beginning of December, I started posting “A Cold Spring,” a witched-up serial story, on Paranormal Romantics for my monthly guest post. But it seems to me like a month is too damn long to wait–Let’s hear it for Immediate Gratification!!! So I’m speeding up things by posting here every week as well as on Paranormal Romantics when it’s my turn. If you missed the first 4 episodes–here they are! Episode 1 “A Cherry Tomato” and Episode 2 “Burning” […]

A cat watches a full moon--very noir.

BookWhammy: Search for Fire by Ally Shields

Search for Fire An Urban Fantasy by Ally Shields A young witch, hunted by demons, in a desperate search for the truth behind a prophecy. Vivid nightmares haunt guardian witch Arianna Calin, igniting memories of the demon attacks seven years ago…and the threats against her daughter Rayne. An ancient evil is rising, and a future battle is foretold by the prophecy marking Rayne as its Chosen. Only the star witches hidden in Tuscany, Italy, have the answers to the mysterious […]