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Wolf of the Prophecy by Victoria Jayne

Novel Magic-Wolf of the Prophecy

We’ve got a shifter tale for you this week. Wolf of the Prophecy is the second book in Victoria Jayne’s The Prophecy Trilogy. And you know how we love trilogies here in the Universe. Read along for a howling good time (sorry, I couldn’t resist.) Don’t forget the December Giveaway at the end. Enter to win Wolf of the Prophecy and 5 more great books. Wolf of the Prophecy by Victoria Jayne Every mistake has its ramifications. Divina’s rejection leaves […]

A cat watches a full moon--very noir.

Novel Magic: Wolf’s Challenge

It’s our pleasure to help launch a new series–Wolf’s Challenge is book one in Christina Lynn Lambert’s Stranger Creatures series. The Wolves are howling this winter in Sorchia’s Universe. Enter the GIVEAWAY to win Book 1 in Two great paranormal series. Wolf’s Challenge Book 1 in the Stranger Creatures Series By Christina Lynn Lambert When Sydney left Seattle two years ago, she was scared, traumatized, and done with men for good. Now she has a good job, a hobby that’s […]

Casting a Spell by P.E. Kavanagh

Novel Magic: Casting a Spell

You know a book titled Casting a Spell belongs in Sorchia’s Universe! Win a copy of this bewitching treat along with Zoraida Grey Book 1 in this week’s giveaway. Enter by Midnight October 26 for an early Halloween WitchFest. Casting a Spell by PE Kavanagh Everyone has gifts. Hers happen to be illegal. Getting outed as a witch was the worst thing that ever happened to Libra. Worse than the betrayal of her blabbermouth ex-husband. The last straw was the […]

Tasarla Romaney The Hollow King

Novel Magic: The Hollow King by Tasarla Romaney

The Hollow King by Tasarla Romaney–this week’s Novel Magic feature–has everything we love! Enter the giveaway for a gift card and two free books! A Favorite Villain–excerpt from The Hollow King by Tasarla Romaney Not only does The Hollow King have magic, adventure, fantasy creatures, it also has my favorite villain. I loved writing Ovezara. Here’s a brief glimpse of her… The glass orb sailed through the air and smashed against the stone wall. “He’s alive and at the hag’s […]

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At the Edge of the Cliff….And Then….

Cliffhangers–Can You Take It? Caution: Rant Ahead Is it just me? It seems to me that some readers just can’t handle suspense. They say they want it, but when you give it to them in the form of a cliffhanger—they don’t like it. Yeah, yeah, yeah—I get that we want a sense of closure at the end of a story—Happily Ever After or Happy For Now or even Everybody’s Dies. But in a series, delayed gratification comes with the territory. […]

Novel Magic: Voices in Her Head with Paranormal Author Tena Stetler

Good Morning, Sorchia! I’m so happy to be here. As you know, I have a new release, A MAGIC REDEMPTION. But first let me share a few things you may find interesting. The paranormal realm is my universe. I’ve written about vampires, witches, demons, angels, shifters, faeries, psychics, well you get the idea since I was able to put pen to paper and make sense of it. I have to say my mother was less that impressed. As a child […]