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Novel Magic: Ghost Hunt

Are you in the mood for a little spook chasing? Novel Magic guest Pia Manning shares the real-life ghost-hunting inspiration for Hometown Spirits, her latest erotic paranormal romance. The Ghost Hunt by Pia Manning In Hometown Spirits, the heroine, Emily Slater, buys what most of the Pinecone Creekers believe is a haunted cabin. Emily decides that 1 murder + 1 bloodstained cabin + strange sounds = 1 Haunted by Real Ghosts Home. So, she arranges to have paranormal investigators come […]

Novel Magic: Unexpected Journey to Writing

It seems we all come to Writing by different paths–even those of us who always planned to be writers. Nothing works as expected in life, but–in the end–we get where we were going. Novel Magic guest, Christina Lambert, shares her story. Words, Worlds, and Possibilities by Christina Lambert My Unexpected Journey into Writing I have always loved writing. For years, I wrote poetry and essays for fun, then stored them in a folder, never to be seen again. I never […]

Novel Magic features Flame and Shadow by AK Nevermore

Novel Magic: Writing With a Vengeance

Ahh, How I love the smell of revenge in the morning! My guest uses Spite to fuel her writing–at least for Flame and Shadow, a spicy urban fantasy–or as she calls it, a Romantasy! Read all about it and score a FREE story by AK Nevermore. Writing with a Vengeance: How Flame & Shadow Was Born By AK Nevermore Fun fact, my first book, Flame & Shadow, was written totally out of spite. Yep. You read that correctly, and I’ll […]

Novel Magic: From DIY to Mystery-Can Home Renovation Spark a Thrilling Tale

Any book with ‘Corpse’ in the title is going to be A-OK with me. And my Novel Magic guest, Lori Pollard-Johnson, spins a tale with a hidden body and a couple of BFFS who need to get to the bottom of a mystery. Women, Friendships, and Home Renovation           I’m often asked where I get my story ideas from, and my answer is always the same: people. I meet someone intriguing, or observe someone behaving outside the norm, and a […]

Novel Magic: Love, Laughter, and Little Disasters-A Wedding Tale

My Novel Magic Guest today writes cozy mysteries–Golden Retriever Mysteries. Read on to find out how his own wedding may have provided inspiration for Blessing of the Dogs–the latest in the series. Wedding Mishaps by Neil Plakcy Your wedding can be one of the most important days in your life. But even with lots of planning, you can still run into trouble. While my own wedding wasn’t an emergency, it did have to happen pretty quickly. My husband and I […]

Novel Magic: The Fascinating World of Investigative Reporting

What I wouldn’t give to have been an investigative reporter. I tried and even worked for a small newspaper for a bit, but the closest I got to reporting was editing ad copy. Author Alana Lorens’ experiences were much more exciting. Read how she used her knowledge to write her latest book, Remnants of Fire. The Fascinating World of Investigative Reporting by Alana Lorens When I was in my 20s, I knew I was destined to be a writer. I […]