Magic, Mystery, a little Whisky, and a Cat

Novel Magic: A Twist of Poe

A Twist of Poe is a romantic suspense series by the legendary Velda Brotherton. Welcome to the Universe, Velda!

A Twist of Poe–Book 6 Coming Soon.

A Twist of Poe: Fall of Hermitage House by Velda Brotherton

An escaped lion, an explosion in an abandoned gas station, and a kidnapping of the new owners of Hermitage House kicks off the most puzzling tale of suspense and intrigue yet for Sheriff’s Deputy Dal Starr and reporter Jessie West.

A Twist of Poe: The Pit and the Penance by Velda Brotherton

Paying for past deeds puts everyone in jeopardy from a vicious killer who leaves deadly clues.

A Twist of Poe: Masque of the Rising Moon by Velda Brotherton

A cult operating in the wilderness is a cover-up for the trafficking of children. A dangerous journey to bring the cult leaders down puts lives in peril.

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