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Novel Magic: A Date with a Werewolf

It’s not winter without a WereWolf!! And this one’s rich, too. Who wants the number of the Love Bites Paranormal Dating Agency?

A Date with a WereWolf by Abbey MacMunn

A date with an arrogant werewolf – what could possibly go wrong?

A Date with a WereWolf by Abbey MacMunn

Alpha werewolf, Grayson Beckett, thinks money can buy anything – including a wife. But when he joins Love Bites, Paranormal Dating Agency, finding a mate proves harder than he thought. To help her boss, dating agency coach, Jamie Osborne, reluctantly agrees to go on a date with Grayson. After all, she dumped her cheating fiance at the altar, she can handle an arrogant werewolf, right? Tensions run high, but the date goes better than Jamie expected when Grayson turns out to be a doting dad with a tragic past. But can the alpha win her trust and melt her heart?

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A Wee Nip from Date with a WereWolf

“His name is Grayson Beckett.” Her boss paused on the end of the phone.

“Am I supposed to know who that is?” Jamie asked.

“I guess not,” Harper said. “I thought you would with your connections, that’s all.”

“I don’t move in those circles anymore.” Her reply came out curter than she’d intended. Having a privileged upbringing was not all it was cracked up to be.

“Anyway, he’s a werewolf; an alpha too,” Harper continued. “You can handle a were, can’t you?”

Jamie checked Willow was out of earshot. Her friend knew she worked as an online chat coach for a dating agency, but she didn’t know it was a specific website for supernatural beings.

“Yes, I can handle a werewolf,” she whispered.

Thanks to her mum marrying a warlock—her dear dad barely cold in the grave—she was no stranger to the supernatural world most humans were unaware of.

“Mr Beckett tried to sign up online last night, while you were on the chatline, but he said he couldn’t fathom how to work it. Claims he’s a bit of a technophobe.”

Jamie pressed her lips together. Signing up to Love Bites, Paranormal Dating Agency was hardly rocket science, but it was part of her job description to help new clients through the process. Dumb, overgrown dog.

“Although, I find that hard to believe since he’s super-rich and CEO of several companies.” Jamie wasn’t impressed by money, but if he owned businesses, maybe this Grayson Beckett guy wasn’t such a dumb dog after all. “Can’t Zarya help him? She’s on today.”

“No, he’s specifically asked for you.”

The vagueness in Harper’s tone made Jamie sit up. “Why would he ask for me?”

“He wants you to go to his house to help him sign up. I’m sorry, but he wouldn’t take no for an answer.”

“But we don’t offer personal visits.”

“He’s paying ten times the normal fee,” her boss told her. “He’s insisting you come today, within the hour. I would have gone myself, but there’s no way I can get there from London, and he lives not too far from you.”

She already hated the guy. Just because he was rich didn’t mean he could always get what he wanted by flashing his cash.

Meet Abbey MacMunn

Abbey MacMunn writes contemporary, paranormal and erotic romance. She lives in Hampshire, UK, with her husband and their four children. When she’s not writing, she likes to watch films and TV shows – anything from rom-coms to superheroes to science fiction movies.

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