Magic, Mystery, a little Whisky, and a Cat

Dead of Winter Bundle: A Curated Collection of Curious Content


As a writer, I am required by law to get seasonal depression. Over the years, I’ve written a number of posts showing the struggle to maintain sanity during this time of year.

Sometimes I make promises to be “healthy.” I explore healthy Avocado for a winter saladherbs and make salads. This is a temporary phase which always ends with Scotch.

Protect against Vampires and Viruses with Garlic

Boost Immunities with Magical Echinacea

Holy Guacamole: A Scotch and Salad Diet Recipe

Looking out on a bleak winter’s scene often sends me to my Bestiary–a growing collection of monsters and Winter Monstercreepy-crawlies–all of whom lurk just outside my window. Here are a couple of my favorite such posts.

Winter Werewolves and Worse

Jumping at Shadow People



Sometimes I just want to watch the world burn. Failing that, I turn to the silver screen. For a Gothic Movie Fest, check out the offerings in these two posts.

10 Modern Gothic Movies for a Dark and Stormy Night

The Big Dead of Winter Movie List

Dead of Winter Movie list

How do you deal with the

winter blahs? 

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