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Avocado for a winter salad

Holy Guacamole: This Week’s Scotch and Salad Diet Entry

A quick little recipe today—Spring fever has hit—Hard! And all I want to do is stroll in the woods and play.




  • A couple of avocados—Try to catch them during the thirty seconds between hard as bullets and avocadogreen mush.
  • Fresh cilantro—two tablespoons minced—The more the merrier.
  • Tomatoes—a couple of Romas or one large slicing tomato. ½ cup
  • Green peppers—One medium sized green, red, or yellow bell pepper. Try a jalapeno and/or a red chili pepper. Any combination will do—about ½ a cup
  • Onion—at least half an onion—1/2 cupromas
  • Lemon juice—freshly squoze or squeezed or squozen—very painful for the lemon , however you say it. ¼ cup or more

These are the starter quantities. Add more or less of any to taste—this isn’t brain surgery.

If you like creamy guacamole, dump all of this in the food processor and hit Pulse until it looks good. Sometimes, however, it’s nice to have chunky guacamole. Chop everything the old fashioned way.

Add a bit of hot sauce or a jalapeno for more heat. Salt, Pepper, and Voila!

You can add any kind of vegie you like for more flavor and more vitamins. Celery is tasty as are green onions. Or carrots.

Dip with celery sticks, carrot sticks, broccoli heads, cauliflower, or, if you must, chips.  You can make pizza crust chips or toast tortillas until crunchy, as well.

And there you have an easy, adaptable, healthy snack that takes about ten minutes to make.


The Scotch of the day—What else—Laphroaig.

And a nice Celtic Toast: If God sends you down a rocky road, may he give you strong shoes.



Watch for Friday’s post about musical ghosts of Scotland and next Tuesday’s Scotch and Salad Diet offering.

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