Magic, Mystery, a little Whisky, and a Cat

Novel Magic: Unexpected Journey to Writing

Words, Worlds, and Possibilities

by Christina Lambert

My Unexpected Journey into Writing

I have always loved writing. For years, I wrote poetry and essays for fun, then stored them in a folder, never to be seen again. I never planned on writing a novel, but the idea for a story about a wolf shifter living in a once-deserted town near the mountains wouldn’t leave me alone. Thus, the first book in my Stranger Creatures series, Wolf’s Challenge, was born. Completely changing careers to enter a field I knew nothing about was hard and overwhelming at times, but I found my passion. I love creating stories about characters who find the courage to love and be loved.

Writing paranormal romance allows me to create worlds and possibilities beyond the every day, beyond the mundane. Even though a character may be able to shapeshift into a wolf or a bear, they still want the same things most of us want— love, acceptance, and, of course, sometimes justice or revenge. I have only just started writing dystopian, horror, and science fiction short stories. For poems and short stories, I like the challenge of creating a substantial story in only a paragraph or a few pages. When space is limited, every word and every action is intensely important. Writing essays gives me a chance to take on an issue directly while using tone and vivid imagery to make my statement impactful.

A little more about the characters from Coyote’s Vow

Trevor Ryland was a minor character in Wolf’s Challenge (Stranger Creatures Book 1) and in Tiger’s Last Chance (Stranger Creatures Book 3). The gruff coyote shifter really needed his own story. To most people, Trevor might seem silent and uncaring, but he’s much the opposite. Coyote shifters are a little wilder and more lethal than other shifters. Trevor surreptitiously watches over the people he cares about and loves his shifter community from afar. He lives in a suite in the hotel he owns and often runs free in the forestland behind the hotel. He has a cat named Chessie who likes to leave him gifts of half-eaten mice and birds under his pillow.

Kylie Claremont is a whiz with computers, and she’s pretty good with people, too. At the beginning of the story, she’s trying to get her web design business off the ground. With her purple-tinted hair and many tattoos, she doesn’t fade into the background. One of her favorite tattoos is of a tree with strange red flowers— a reminder of the tree that marked the beginning of a hiking trail in the Blue Ridge Mountains where she used to camp with her parents as a child. Most of Kylie’s ink is in color because colors feel like music to her.

While Kylie doesn’t hesitate to speak her mind, Trevor is a closed book. She gets frustrated with him after a while and wonders if she should just stop trying to see what’s written in his heart. Little does she know, her name is written there in permanent ink.

Coyote’s Vow (Stranger Creatures book 4) by Christina Lynn Lambert is a steamy paranormal romance. Each story in the Stranger Creatures series features a different couple fighting for their happily ever after. Coyote’s Vow is Trevor and Kylie’s story.

Trigger Warnings:

Coyote’s Vow contains steamy scenes with lots of descriptive language, explicit language, and characters being harmed and abducted by villains. A fair amount of violence occurs during suspenseful scenes. Also, some minor characters don’t survive the story.

A brutal experiment left Kylie Claremont with telekinetic abilities, and she wants answers. The position she’s offered as a liaison between Shifters United and the Psy Guild will give her the chance to find the elusive research company that disappeared after experimenting on her. The only thing standing in her way is an arrogant coyote shifter who is convinced that Kylie is a threat to shifters. She never expected to fall for the gruff, mistrusting man.

Coyote shifter Trevor Ryland will never trust the psy. Still, he knows the time has come to strengthen the tentative alliance between shifters and psy. He fully intends to ignore his attraction to the beautiful psy liaison, but he’d never forgive himself if something happened to her. His plan to protect Kylie from afar is wrecked when they’re forced to work together. She could be his mate, but Trevor can’t let that happen. The struggle to deny his need for the one woman with the power to destroy him gets harder every day.

Trevor and Kylie uncover a web of greed and deceit during their search for a traveling research group. They’ll have to work fast and fight hard to stop the CEO’s latest plans, or shifters and psy everywhere will suffer.

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Meet Christina Lambert

Christina Lynn Lambert writes romance novels, science fiction, horror, and poetry. Her stories and poems are about fighting for change, the beauty of nature, and trying to find the good moments in life. When she’s not writing, Christina enjoys spending time outside and finding ways to avoid cooking. She lives in beautiful Virginia with her husband, two teenagers, a sweet, hairy monster of a dog, and two devious cats. 

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