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Protections Against Vampires and Viruses–Garlic Honey


  • Garlic is protective—and not just against vampires.garlic
  • Roman soldiers ate and wore garlic as a protection in battle.
  • It was eaten and worn to protect against the plague.
  • Garlic induces lust–which might not be the best thing, but there it is.
  • Hang a garlic strand over the door to repel robbers.
  • It does indeed protect against vampires whether they are physical or psychic.

Grimoire Notes: Mars, Fire, Hecate, Aries

 Health and Healing:

Garlic is anti-bacterial and while the flu is a virus, garlic can help prevent a secondary bacterial infection.  Garlic may also lower blood pressure, prevent Alzheimer’s, reduce heart disease and improve stamina. You can add garlic to your diet in a million ways, and reap the benefits.

Here is an easy way to incorporate garlic into your immunity boosting regimen. Not only is the garlic in this recipe helpful, but the honey contains antioxidants which combat cancer and is anti-bacterial and anti fungal as well as being a natural probiotic.

3 things to remember about Garlic Honey

  1. Given all the benefits of honey, you might be tempted to smear honey over the entire family but don’t give honey to children under 1 year old . Some North American Honey contains spores of Clostridium botulinum which does not harm adults or older children but can make young kids ill.
  2. Don’t give garlic to pets. Regular consumption can lead to potentially life-threatening anemia.
  3. Use with caution if you take blood thinner or have a blood disorder.



Fill pint jar with peeled garlic cloves. Cover with honey. If you can get locally produced honey, so much the better. Put in the fridge and let it sit for at least a week. The honey is good for coughs. Take a teaspoon as needed. If you get flu symptoms, eat a clove of garlic every few hours—about 6 per day—until you feel better.

I’ve been using this stuff all winter so far—a teaspoonful when I feel a little icky and a clove from time to time. The honey is not so bad, but the cloves require a stiff drink afterward –or maybe that’s just me.


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