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A-Z Blog Challenge 2015–Crystal Fix–Iolite


Is for Iolite

Iolite-a vision stone

  • Use Iolite to enhance and activate the third eye.Iolite
  • Align chakras first to get the full benefit.
  • Iolite aids in out of body experiences by increasing understanding.
  • It frees your true self and is the stone to use to break an addiction whether to a substance or a person.
  • Place it against the skin as needed—over the third eye to enhance the experience of out of body journeys.
  • When in contact with your aura, the stone will give off a tiny charge that reenergizes and aligns.

I carried a lovely blue iolite stone around for a couple of days and definitely felt the enhanced vision. It produced a very mellow, blissful mood.



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