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Past Lives and Dodgy People–Just Like Gravity

   Just Like Gravity is a paranormal romance set in Scotland, but it’s not all about drinking  🙂  The story traces two of Anna’s past lives. This excerpt is from a not-so-good time in 1604.        Mariel bounced against the wooden shelving along the side of the small room but kept her balance. Mrs. Campbell seized her shoulder, digging her fingernails into Mariel’s thin arm. “I know what you did. You put a spell on my man just as you did on […]

A-Z Blog Challenge 2015–Crystal Fix–Iolite

Is for Iolite Iolite-a vision stone Use Iolite to enhance and activate the third eye. Align chakras first to get the full benefit. Iolite aids in out of body experiences by increasing understanding. It frees your true self and is the stone to use to break an addiction whether to a substance or a person. Place it against the skin as needed—over the third eye to enhance the experience of out of body journeys. When in contact with your aura, […]