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Zoraida Grey is on the Way!!

Okay, Sorchialites! This is not a drill!!

Zoraida Grey and the Family Stones is available for pre-order right this very minute!  The e-book is the only edition available for pre-order right now. My publisher is predominantly a virtual publisher though they do provide print copies, too. The paperback edition will show up soon, so if you just have to have a real book in your hands–and who can find fault with that–just wait a bit more.

Buying a book during this pre-order time period can help improve the book’s raticropped-ZoraidaGreyandtheFamilyStones_w10984_300.jpgng at Amazon since all of the pre-orders will be recorded as purchases on one day–October 28. That can boost the book into best-seller territory right at the beginning!

I’m running a variety of campaigns to get the word out.Here are 5 quick ways to help. Thanks for anything you can do!

Remember: Any kind thing you do for a starving writer will build up good Karma so you can do naughty things later.
  1.  Pony up the cash for the e-book here: PREORDER ZORAIDA
  2. Contact me for an advance copy and write a review you can post at on release day. Even a couple of words will do–It’s the number of reviews that determine whether Zoraida Grey will appear in Amazon’s newsletters and other promotions. You can also buy a copy and post a review whenever you get the book read.
  3. Follow my Facebook page-SorchiaD– and share posts with any and all.
  4. Follow me on Twitter @SorchiaDuBois and tweet and retweet.
  5. Support my Thunderclap campaign. I need 100 supporters by release day. just click  Join this Thunderclap below:


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