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Join the party at 4 PST

Party Alert!! Halloween in June

You are herewith and hereby invited to my Summer Review Wars Facebook Party. Where: Sorchia Dubois Summer Review Wars Facebook Party When: 4 Pacific (6 Central or 7 Eastern) What: A half hour of Halloween in June. Ask me anything!! Learn about my next book! Find out about an ongoing sale! Play games for prizes! As part of the party, I’m doing some one-card Tarot readings. First come; First served and only comments from June 28. If you miss the […]

fortune teller with shifty eyes

Fortune Tellers and Sooth Sayers

Follow my blog with Bloglovin Predicting the Future: Fortune Tellers use many methods I’ve got an abnormal interest in fortune tellers. You’ll find at least one in pretty much everything I’ve written. Anna, in Just Like Gravity, follows the cards to Scotland where she finds a tall, dark Scotsman. Zoraida, in my Zoraida Grey series, comes from a long line of magical types who not only have the ability to tell the future, they want to control it.     […]

Tarot Cards Celtic cross spread shows a happy reading.

T is for Tarot: to Celebrate Card Playing Day 2017

Tarot started out as a card game. The ornate hand-painted tarot cards were expensive, so the deck was more than likely played by the aristocracy . Finding their way to Europe in the late 14th century, playing cards seem to be a Chinese invention. Legends that Tarot came from Egypt or that the Gypsies brought them seem to be just that, legends. Cards of all kinds are used for divination, and Tarot cards lend themselves nicely to that endeavor. How […]

Best Pagan Deity EVER–The Green Man

     As nature spirits go, the Green Man rocks. He’s the embodiment of Spring, of Nature, of rebirth and renewal, of fertility.  Carvings of the Green Man date back to the 11th century in Britain and tales of him are incorporated in myths and stories from long before that. So powerful is his he that even the rising tide of Christianity in Britain and Europe did not prevent stonemasons from carving his likeness on buildings–even churches.      A […]

Free Tarot Readings for PRG Book Club Members and a Contest for Everybody

I’m taking over the PRG Book Club’s FaceBook page this week.  It’s a fun opportunity and a chance to connect with people who read the kinds of things I write. Stop by and get a reading if you are curious.  You will need to join the group and wait for approval, which usually comes within a very short time. On Tuesday, July 14, and again on Friday, July 17, I’m doing free tarot readings between 5 and 7 p.m. CST […]

F is for Fortuneteller

Welcome to the first of several A-Z blogs which will serve as shameless promotions for Just Like Gravity, my paranormal romance due out in March/April.  You have been warned!! The protagonist, Anna, is a fortuneteller. She’s skeptical, though, and doesn’t really believe in divination though her mother taught her all the ways to do it.  Then the bad dreams start—dreams so intense they leave her shaken and terrified of what is to come.  She uses tarot cards to tell her […]