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Wolf of the Prophecy by Victoria Jayne

Novel Magic-Wolf of the Prophecy

We’ve got a shifter tale for you this week. Wolf of the Prophecy is the second book in Victoria Jayne’s The Prophecy Trilogy. And you know how we love trilogies here in the Universe. Read along for a howling good time (sorry, I couldn’t resist.)

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Wolf of the Prophecy by Victoria Jayne

Wolf of the Prophecy


Victoria Jayne

Every mistake has its ramifications.

Divina’s rejection leaves Aric’s wolf battling insanity. With their bond new and incomplete, Aric seeks the help of his pack to find her and convince her to give their mating a chance.  If he can’t the pain will become too much for both of them.

Rori, pursuing his love, has to figure out how he can give up the throne and convince her that this time he won’t leave her. When Divina calls him and asks him for help, this is his opportunity to mend the fences and fix all that he’s broken between them.

All the while, Divina is tired of the prophecy. Time is what’s needed. Space away from the two overbearing men claiming her. She needs to figure out who she is, and what that means.

In her angst, she does the unthinkable, a human has witnessed her using magic and filmed it.

Together, they must put the past aside and figure out how to mitigate the exposure of supernatural kind to all humans. If they don’t Divina will have to answer for her mistake, which could mean her death or worse.

It was just one spell, one spell that could mean the end of all supernatural kind.

A Tasty Tidbit from Wolf of the Prophecy

Bruce was the first to speak. “Shouldn’t you be”—he waved a hand, looking for a tactful way to say it—“busy?”

Aric snorted and lifted his head. “She took off,” he explained.

The three men exchanged weighted glances. The room filled with a heavy silence as Aric witnessed their tense reactions. Through what seemed to be a silent vote in the form of nods, they elected Gregory to speak. “What? Did you think this would be easy?” He laughed.

The whole room erupted.

Aric peered at him, lost for words. The shift in the room’s atmosphere had caught him off guard. He hadn’t been prepared for laughter. Aric looked from one to the other. What the fuck had he missed?

“Did she take your balls with her, too?” Paul asked, spurring another roar from the elders.

Aric narrowed his eyes. Their laughter caused his jaw to tick, and the tension in his muscles returned. They may be his elders, but he wasn’t a goddamn joke. His mate was a vulnerable witch with a vampire hunting her.

She was out there, and he couldn’t find her.

The pang of mate ache tore through him again, sharp, like a spear through his heart. His hand sprang to his chest, hoping to rub it away. The bursts of pain came quickly, lingered, then dissipated into a dull soreness he could ignore if he tried. Though the more time that passed, the more intense and frequent his pangs became.

Aric slammed his fist down on the table so hard the wood groaned and threatened to crack, causing the books to jump. Immediately the raucous laughter ceased. The men’s gazes fell to the books first as one text slipped and thudded to the wooden floor with a clatter. The amusement from moments ago was forgotten when their joint attention shifted to Aric.

Aric cleared his throat. “There’s a vampire who thinks he can take what’s mine.”

Glances were exchanged between the three men. Bruce pursed his lips and put his book on the table. “You’re a predator. She is prey. Another predator is after your kill,” he explained. “The question is where will you place your focus? Your rival or your prey?”

The other men nodded sagely.

Aric shifted his jaw, trying not to clamp it shut. “He doesn’t stand a fucking chance. She ran ’cause of him.”

“Seems like you have your answer,” Gregory chimed in.

“So why are you still standing here?” asked Paul.

“He’s a wolf,” Bruce answered for Aric. “He needs his pack to hunt.”

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Meet Victoria Jayne, Author of Wolf of the Prophecy

Victoria Jayne author of The Wolf of the Prophecy

Growing up on the Jersey Shore, Victoria was an insatiable reader. She adored getting lost in the worlds others created for her. During her early teen years, she enjoyed the works of R.L. Stein and S.E. Hinton. As she got older, she drifted toward Anne Rice, Suzanne Wright, J.D. Tyler, Joanna Wylde, Cherise Sinclair, Dianne Duvall, and Elisabeth Naughton, to name a few.

These writers spawned her love affair with both the romance genre and the world of the supernatural.

Victoria spends her time writing, enjoying time with her husband, and her two children. She still lives in New Jersey. She’s a New Jersey Devils Hockey fan, an avid SecondLife Roleplayer, and a Netflix binge watcher.

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