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Novel Magic: Casting a Spell

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Casting a Spell

by PE Kavanagh

Everyone has gifts. Hers happen to be illegal.

Getting outed as a witch was the worst thing that ever happened to Libra. Worse than the betrayal Casting a Spell by P.E. Kavanagh www.sorchiadubois.comof her blabbermouth ex-husband. The last straw was the big, dumb bodyguard who thought he could protect her from a magic-hating gang. Even when he turned out to be not so dumb, but plenty big.

Ash had one foot out of the life he’d grown to hate. The last thing he wanted was to save one more life, but they dragged him back in. All he had to do was guard some woman who is supposedly the most powerful Magical in the country. It should’ve been a breeze, but she doesn’t even believe she’s in danger. And he’s pretty sure she put a spell on him, because he can’t stop thinking about her.

Working together might be their only hope after the line between the good guys and the bad guys vanishes. Becoming lovers, however, might just kill them.


A Taste of Casting a Spell

Ash kept his distance during the short walk to her car, alert as ever for another threat. She was being hunted by some real lunatics, and the whole operation had almost been blown by some thugs in an alley beating a down-on-his-luck Magical. Even with the new rash of laws making violence against Magicals hate crimes with the strictest punishments, it didn’t stop the haters. People were idiots. It didn’t take half a brain to know if you left Magicals alone, they’d leave you alone. No need to poke the bear.

Oh well, dimwits were the reason he stayed gainfully employed. And after this one last job, gainfully unemployed.

Libra paused before stepping into her car, reminding him she knew about his presence. Twenty-five days undercover, but now all was out in the open. At least some of it was out in the open.

“Thank you, Ash. Have a good night. And be safe.”

Once again, she scrambled his composure. She was telling him to be safe? That’s what he was supposed to be telling her. Maybe she’d done something to his mind. He’d have to take another look at her file, at the magic listed on the registry. Mind-reading wasn’t on there—he was sure of it—but maybe something else happened. Some brew of hocus pocus bullshit had made him feel stuff he really shouldn’t have been feeling.

“You too, Ms. Verdi.”

For the first time that night, he elicited a reaction from the curiously composed and bewitching woman. At the sound of her name, an unmistakable flash of fear crossed her eyes.

It stole his breath.

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Meet PE Kavanagh

PE Kavanagh combines the unlikely pursuits of spiritual counseling, creativity coaching, and PE Kavanagh www.sorchiadubois.comauthoring steamy romance novels into a beautifully messy life. Ultimately, all her work is about strengthening resilience, transforming suffering, and keeping life sexy. That includes her six published novels and slew of stories and articles.

Her past includes stints as an MIT-trained engineer, biotech executive, professional dancer, yoga teacher and business owner, and entrepreneur. These days, her favorite titles are author, guide, and hot mama.

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