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Avocado for a winter salad

Holy Guacamole: This Week’s Scotch and Salad Diet Entry

A quick little recipe today—Spring fever has hit—Hard! And all I want to do is stroll in the woods and play.   Guacamole!   A couple of avocados—Try to catch them during the thirty seconds between hard as bullets and green mush. Fresh cilantro—two tablespoons minced—The more the merrier. Tomatoes—a couple of Romas or one large slicing tomato. ½ cup Green peppers—One medium sized green, red, or yellow bell pepper. Try a jalapeno and/or a red chili pepper. Any combination […]

Scotch and Salad Diet—Spinach and Strawberry Salad with Fennel dressing

As I was doing the bi-weekly torture that is grocery shopping, I was delighted to find the first shipment of strawberries—at least the first shipment at a reasonable price. Before I knew what was happening, a large box of strawberries found its way into my cart and refused to leave. Not far down the vegie aisle, I also discovered fresh parsley and cilantro—apparently a mistake. They too insisted on accompanying me on my travels.   For months, the best I […]

A cat watches a full moon--very noir.

Oghmaniacal Blogathon–The Writers Scotch and Salad Diet–A Starter Salad

  In the old days, writers wrote in drafty garrets with only rats, a crust of stale bread, and a bottle of cheap wine to keep them company—and they produced some pretty good stuff. But these days, we know about a little thing called health. Think what all those pale, sickly writers of yore could have done with good teeth and a happy digestive tract.   As a writer, my days are spent typing, thinking about ways to get away […]

W is for Whisky

You may question whether whisky is a magic word. And that means you don’t drink Scotch. As for the spelling—no less a source of propriety than the NYTimes makes the difference between whisky (produced in Canada, Scotland, Japan) and whiskey (produced everywhere else.)  Whisky, the word, comes from Gaelic uisge beatha meaning water of life. By law, it has to be aged at least three years to be called Scotch. A quick education—Scotchology 101. A single malt is whisky produced […]