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Snow City by Laura Strickland

Novel Magic: When Fantasy Meets Reality

SteamPunk Fantasy–If you’ve never tried it, my advice is to start with Laura Strickland’s Buffalo Steampunk Adventures. Not sure what Steampunk means? Think Victorian history–with a touch of science fiction. Really, it fits as a kind of magic realism, too, but that isn’t all. Novel Magic steams full speed today and welcomes Friend of the Universe, Laura Strickland. When Fantasy Meets Reality by Laura Strickland We live in a magical world. Beneath the ordinary and the every-day, there lurks something […]

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Novel Magic: Defeating Writers Block with Author Candace Hardy

Writers Block is no joke. My guest, Author Candace Hardy, tells us how she learned to overcome that pesky fear of the blank page. Writing and Publishing My Debut Novel—with Writer’s Block By Candace Hardy My debut novel was born in November 2019—at NaNoWriMo, of course. It’s no surprise that I didn’t write 50,000 words during that first NaNo. At that time, I didn’t have a method for managing my writer’s block. All the years I worked full-time, I fit […]

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Novel Magic: Explore Ghostly Operas with Author Erica Miner

Ghostly Operas are on tap for this Novel Magic post. Author Erica Miner–also a noted violinist–tells us all about the inspiration for her latest mystery–Prelude to Murder. Opera in the Ghostliest City in the US: What Could Possibly Go Wrong? by Erica Miner Opera stories are among the bloodiest, most violent ever written. An opera house is the perfect environment for mischief and mayhem. What takes place offstage can be even more dramatic than what occurs onstage. At the Santa […]

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Novel Magic: Hawaii’s Deadly NightMarchers

My guest, Author Sarah P. Blanchard, tells us about Hawaii’s deadly Nightmarchers and shares more about her debut novel, Drawn from Life. Exciting times in the Universe today! , a psychological thriller, releases TODAY! April 1.  Special Price Alert! Get the ebook for 1.99! Hurry because this price is good only until April 7. Go HERE to read an early review. One of Sarah’s characters in Drawn from Life is a rookie detective from Hawaii, where Sarah lived for a […]

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Novel Magic: Furbabies in Books

Furbabies light up our lives, don’t they? So I’m a cat lady–eight of them at the moment–and each and every one of them has inspired some scene or character in my books. My guest, Author Darlene Dziomba, takes her furbaby love seriously as well. Her new book Fire and Dalmation will be out in March. Immortalize Your Loved Ones as a CharacterDarlene Dziomba When I decided to adopt a dog. It was important to me to find a dog from […]

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Novel Magic: The Turkish Affair

The Turkish Affair A romantic mystery by J. Arlene Culiner I know many readers expect a romantic suspense to resemble a television drama with stalkers, a serial killer or two, car chases, shoot outs, terror, gun-packing super heroes and heroines. But I’ve always preferred realistic stories, even in the romance genre. I’m certain that, if I were being threatened by a madman, I’d be so wrought up, I wouldn’t have time to fall in love. Besides, in real life, there’s […]