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Sorchia’s Universe Visits with Author Camille Faye About Hypnosis

My friend Camille Faye recently released the intriguingly titled Voodoo Butterfly. If you have paranormal readers on your Christmas list, take a look at Camille’s Author page and pick up a copy of Voodoo Butterfly Here .  You can find more about Camille and her writing on her website: Butterfly

Recently, I attended Camille’s FaceBook launch party where we learned more about the book and about Camille’s journey as a writer. Since my book, Just Like Gravity, deals with past lives and since I did a past life regression as part of my research, I was interested to find that Camille had her own experience with hypnosis. She graciously agreed to answer a few questions about her session. Take a look at our conversation below if you are curious about how hypnosis works.

Sorchia: What led you to try a hypnosis session?

Camille: I actually found a Groupon for a discounted session (I love Groupon). I’d always wanted to try hypnosis, so I went there when I was pregnant with my daughter. At the time, I was having terrible, terrible morning sickness, so that was the focus of the session.

Sorchia: Talk a bit about the procedure your hypnotist used?

Camille: The hypnotherapist walked me through a visualization exercise where I sought the answers for why I was so sick during this pregnancy from a “spirit guide.” She said that my guide could be another person, myself, or even an animal. Next, the hypnotist said that I would trade gifts with my guide.

Sorchia: Can you share insights and meaning you gained from your session?

Camille: At first, I saw myself at about age 25 and then I realized that this wasn’t the real me. It was a me that was trying to be perfect (my ego maybe?). So I let her stand to the side and then there was this lion. That was my spirit guide! A lion!

So I asked the lion why I’d been feeling so sick and at that moment I got the sickest that I’ve ever felt for about twenty seconds and my body got incredibly warm.

The words, “You’re panicked,” came to me.

And then it was like this rush of information about the things that have been making me panic: namely, the ectopic pregnancy I had about six months prior to this session and I had a lot of emotion balled up with that even though, consciously, I felt very grateful that I was healthy and could conceive another child. Unresolved emotion was probably doing a number on my stomach along with my spike in hormones.

As for the gift-giving portion of the hypnotism session, I gave my lion a big, juicy, raw steak. That made me giggle because I thought, “That’s the writer in me. That’s the spunky little Camille that wants to devour life and feed myself with raw adventure.”

The lion gave me a necklace with a beautiful green jewel. Not sure what the gem was, but the hypnotist had led me through a chakra exercise within the visualization and the heart chakra is represented by the color green. I took this to mean that when I’m feeling sick or panicked, I should open my heart so that I can bond with my baby and heal my heart.

Sorchia: What surprised you about the session?

Camille: I was shocked by how affected my physical body was by the session. I thought hypnotism was all mental and you wouldn’t really remember what happened while you were under. But I had significant feelings of illness and warmth course through my body.

Sorchia: Do you plan to do it again?

Camille: I would be open to doing it again, especially if I felt like I was going through a crisis in my life and needed to know what was going on with me at a deeper level. It would be interesting to see what the creation of my novel has done to my deeper self.

Thanks, Camille, for sharing this and for letting me share it with my blog followers.

And, of course, don’t forget to grab a copy of Just Like Gravity Here

Cover by Oghma Creative
Cover by Oghma Creative

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