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Sorchia’s Universe is EXPANDING

The big news this week is about Zoraida Grey and the Family Stones—and probably the next two books  in the series.

Zoraida Grey will be published by Wild Rose Press. The contract is signed, returned, and locked in a vault protected by stray dogs and flying monkeys.

I am hoping strongly for a September or October release,  but that might be optimistic. I’ll be posting here and all across Sorchia’s Universe (Facebook, Twitter, Google +, Goodreads, Tumbler, etc) as new developments come about. Subscribers to this blog will also be on the cutting edge for promos and free stuff. (To subscribe, go to the upper right hand  of this page and you’ll see the way to sign up to get email notifications—you can change the frequency and I don’t post a lot of spam.) This puts you on my mailing list so that you get passwords to special promos and free stuff.

Stay Tuned, but If you want to learn more about Zoraida Grey, Go HERE.

Zoraida Grey

Wild Rose is headquartered in New York though they work with authors and editors all across the country. They’ve been in business for over ten years and they don’t know me from Adam’s off ox.

It’s one thing for friends and acquaintances to tell you they like your writing, but it’s another thing to be able to sell it to a group of strangers, so I am over the moon!

Of  course, along with excitement comes the fear of knowing you have a bunch of work to do and a bunch of changes to make. Excited and scared—that gets the adrenaline moving and will either make you strong or kill you.

They say if you want to have something different then you have to DO something different.  So I’m evolving into what I think a writer should be. This process started about five years ago but hit a snag in 2015.  Strangely, those difficulties turned out to be necessary and perfectly timed.

Thanks, Universe, but you could have just sent a memo or something.

I’ve made a list of things that have helped me so far:

  • Cultivate what you love—I like to garden, write, (oddly) clean house, walk in the woods, paint (I think), learn stuff—languages, factoids, useless trivia
  • Eliminate negatives—not too much listening to the news, not too much dwelling on other people’s problems that you can’t do anything about, not too much wallowing in self-pity, not too much time spent regretting missed opportunities or worried about potential future disasters.
  • Stay healthy—exercise, achieve and maintain a healthy weight, eat healthy, eliminate toxins, consult professionals as needed
  • Meditate—Clearing your mind is a great stress reliever. I meditate with all the bells and whistles—incense, music, a soft pillow, and a timer. Yoga is another way to reconnect with the present—nothing like a muscle stretched as far as it can go to bring you back to the Right Now.

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