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Sorchia’s A-Z Blog Reflections—2017 A-Z Challenge: Bigger, Better, Bloggier

I know better!

I had completed only 6 or 7 posts by the first of April 2016. As a result, I didn’t really achieve my goals for this challenge which were to:

  1. Finish it. I missed a couple of letters and the shame weighs heavy, but like most of you, I have a job and a family who selfishly expect me to be available.
  2. Gain followers. Well, if you don’t get out there and interact, you get what you deserve—nada. Plus you miss some interesting people and posts. I was too busy writing to respond as much as I wanted.


So next year, I will be ready. My plan is to write 1 or 2 A-Z posts every month—starting  right, freaking now.

My theme next year is going to be a serial story. I have a couplperils of paulinee of book launches next year and I plan to write a short story about the characters in my new series.  At around 500 words per post, I will have a hefty little story which I can then use as extra value, contest prizes, or add to an anthology.  I see it as a fast paced, Perils of Pauline kind of thing with cliffhangers each day. Good practice for me and fun to read for you.



Things I will do better, bigger, bloggier next time:

  • I will have my posts written and scheduled on April 1. No more dilly-dallying for me and no more frantic typing to get a post in on the appropriate day and no more depression when I fail to do that.
  • During the challenge, I will update each post with 4 or 5 links to other A-Z posts I’ve read. A few other bloggers did this and I appreciated the shortcut to new blogs.
  • I will like and comment on more posts. This is a time killer, but its’s the real reason to participate in the challenge. Connecting with new people and building your own following, reading interesting posts and perspectives, and writing thoughtful comments are the most fun!
  • I may run a contest or giveaway during next April. It sounds like fun!


Congrats and Good Job to all of you who participated, whether you finished or not.

See you Next April!!

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