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R is for Rose

Roses are used magically in love potions, of course. Roses of any color are associated with Venus, water, and all aspects of the goddess. Specific colors of roses have different uses. Pink is for first love or friendship, red is for passion and lust, white is for peace as well as love, and yellow is for joy and happiness.

Rose oil is used in aromatherapy to relieve anxiety and promote a peaceful and loving attitude. You can drink rose tea to encourage prophetic dreams or sprinkle rose petals around the house to promote harmony. In the bedroom, rose petals have an entirely different effect. Roses in the garden attract fairies. It’s best to steal the rosebush—grows better that way and fairies love that kind of thing. Add rose petals to the bath and string rose hips on a thread to wear as a necklace to attract love.

Tussie Mussies are small bouquets of fragrant herbs and flowers intended to have some magical purpose. The aroma as well as the look and feel of the bouquet contribute to its effectiveness. A tussie mussie with roses in it can attract love or strengthen it.

A way to answer the age old questions “Which one” can be answered by picking three green rose leaves. Name them after three people you are considering. The one that stays green the longest is the one.

Though the thistle is the Scottish national flower, the white rose is a symbol of Scottish independence. During the Jacobite uprising of 1945, supporters of Prince Charles wore white roses to indicate their allegiance. Some members of the Scottish Assembly still wear the white rose. With Scottish independence up for a vote next fall, I suspect it will be popular again amongst those who support independence.

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