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Q is for Quartz

quartzQuartz (SiO2 Silicon Dioxide) is one of the most common elements on earth. Rose quartz, amethyst, citrine, blue quartz, brown quartz—quartz in these and many other colors can be found all over the world. Brazil and Arkansas have the best quality quartz deposits.

In magic, quartz is a jack of all trades, often called the Master Healer and the Universal Stone. Used predominantly for protections and healing, quartz is believed to amplify energy and aid in spellwork and psychic endeavor. Heating or cooling quartz or placing it under pressure creates an electric charge. Quartz crystals store information—you can program them with memories of a favorite place, a healing quality, or a psychic intent.

Quartz grows in a double helix like DNA and is believed to connect with the silica in our own bodies. It’s used to heal, to purify, to store and direct energy, and to protect. Place one in each of the four corners of your home for protection. Put one in the living room to ensure harmony. Carry a tumbled crystal around for protection, healing, and to aid meditation.

Crystal skulls, crystal balls, crystal pendulums are all made of quartz. Some believe that since quartz has also been found on the moon and in meteors, the element can connect us earthlings with any roaming extra-terrestrials. I’m kind of with Stephen Hawking on the whole idea of contacting space aliens. He advised that we should keep a low profile on that score since any wandering aliens might possibly be searching for a ready food source. That’s a little pessimistic, but better safe than sorry.

Smoky Quartz, found in the Cairngorm region of Scotland, is the national gemstone of Scotland. Smokey Quartz is valued for its grounding qualities. Traditionally, Scotsmen used smokey quartz to decorate the black-bladed knife called the sgian dubh. The sgian dubh is a small knife, hidden in an easy to reach place usually under the arm. When visiting with friends, the sgian dubh was often taken from its hidden location and put in a more visible place—usually the stocking–as an indication of trust and friendship. This actually made the knife easier to access so an element of Scottish practicality is evident.
Smoky quartz is also featured in the Scottish

Honours—the Scottish crown, sword and sceptre. The scepter is topped with a large sphere of Smokey quartz. The Honours were buried to keep them hidden from Oliver Cromwell in the 1600s and rediscovered by Sir Walter Scott one hundred and eleven years later. Since then, they’ve been on display in Edinburgh Castle except during WWII when they were buried again to make sure the Nazis didn’t get them.

I live near the Arkansas quartz deposits. You can dig for crystals at many locations or buy stones either polished or raw. Smoky quartz, milky quartz , amethyst and other varieties of quartz can be found in the central and southwestern portion of the state.