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Novel Magic: Quick Promo and Some Sales and Freebies

Novel magic features Rise of a Storm Warrior by M. Garnet. See Murial’s recent post–How to be an Author.

Hey, and while you are browsing posts, check out my latest–Dialogue Tags from Hell in which I rant about a minor annoyance to the point of absurdity. Maybe it’s a sign of a return to a semblance of normality when I have time to gripe about editorial stuff instead of–you know–the Apocalypse and the End of Times.

Below, you will find a Fantasy Freebie I like to call the WitchFest. A bunch of on sale or totally free witchy books–but snap it up because this offer ends on June 15.

Did you want more–OK. Check out N.N. Lights May Giveaway–many, many books to win. This giveaway ends May 30.

Rise of the Storm Warrior by M. Garnet

One thing is always a fact about the rich world known as the Storm Planet, life is never boring.

A new Warrior rises up to help a Royal Lady, stop a war, and save a small child. He is a lazy young man who is forced into greatness. All he wants to do is live off the doles that the rich Storm Planet hands out to everyone. Then an accident brings out one of his strange talents he had kept hidden. He is forced into a life of pain and travel and protecting a Royal Lady who hates the sight of him. Suddenly a young man who does nothing, is living a life full of Assassins, strange worlds, and too many trying to kill him he has lost count of all of them.

Added to all of it, if he could only find a way to get this beautiful Lady with the foul mouth to shut up.

Rise of the Storm Warrior by M. Garnett Novel Magic in Sorchia's Universe
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Freebie Alert! Tons of Magical books–Ends June 15

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