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Novel Magic: Adamant’s Revenge

Who doesn’t love a good revenge tale? A little sci/fi for the Holidays!

About the Book

by M. Garnet

Far in the future there is a man who can do what all the intelligent scientists say is impossible. He is a shifter or what his people call the rare Modifier. He can turn into something larger and ugly and dangerous. Even more hazardous, when he shifts into this monster, he can’t be killed.

    Beware you don’t make this handsome man sitting across from you in the card game in the smoky bar, angry. Because even if you have a blaster weapon strapped to your hip, he could have your throat ripped open before you can even draw. So let him win and seek one of the ladies for a quickie in the alley, because no one wants the beast loose.

Going through the civilized space and finally finding the killers of his parent still did not seem to bring him the peace of mind he had expected. There was still so much anger inside this man who had so much to offer but hid behind drinking and fighting.

  He had surprised himself when he saved a child and inherited an illegal robot that did amazing acts on his ship. He helped a teacher that turned out to be a beautiful woman who taught women how to fight back, so she became his ship’s pilot, but still something was missing. His friend, a con man with a price on his head, stayed with him to support him.

  Then the surprise to all of them came—when a military woman stole his ship, his most prized possession, and it changed his life and how he looked at the universe. Could revenge turn to love?

An Excerpt

Reese Menzerescue knew she was in serious trouble. More trouble than she had ever been, even when she had served as a Master Sergeant in the Explorers Military Support Faction. That military group led and supported the Organization of Worlds and other military units. They especially helped small groups on worlds that were in conflicts that were too small to get the attention of the OOW.

This beautiful planet called Wellsfar was in a different universe in so many ways than the worlds of mud and bombs, where she had fought with her team. Reese had served out her last enrollment and was taking R&R on the coin of the EMSF. She would normally not be able to afford the cost of the rooms in the fancy hotel on this luxury resort.

Allowing a local to pick her up, she was able for a short time to forget the weapons, the blood, and death that made up her life. That his family happened to own the resort where she was staying was a pleasant surprise but not of interest to Reese.

But plans were for long-timers, not for the military types, and Reese thought about all the things she had missed as she sat on her heels in the dark alley. She was making her way to the spaceport, hiding from the local law.

Knowing she would not be able to carry anything, as she hid and ran on foot to get to the spaceport, she took whatever she could. She needed to get off this world and get to a moon in a system called the Brad Expanse. It was there that Reese could find proof of the evil in the young man that she had killed. Yes, she killed the son of the family that owned this resort. A family that was thought of as honest and helpful which supported orphanages and donated coin to politicians.

Meet M. Garnet

After raising a daughter, running an International Business, traveling the world and only finding time to write a few minutes in any twenty-four hour period, I now am retired in Florida and can write all day and all night, which I often do. Under the pen name of M. Garnet (Muriel Garnet Yantiss) I use all the experiences I gained and without any hesitation draw information from my long list of friends and acquaintances worldwide.

With over 80 books published through two active publishers and a couple of independent books (indies) at Amazon I love the email that the Internet brings me from all over the world.  My award winning book THE RISE OF THE STORM TAMER is out on Amazon and all the usual sites.

Although I am lucky enough to have publishers and love them, I also release a few books independently (indies) and have an authors site at Amazon under m. garnet.  (why the lower case only Amazon knows??)  As an indie I released HUNTING IN THE GULL WING SHIP and have received good reviews on novel of one woman’s problems. This is a good novel for youth to read.

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