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Sorchia’s Love Potions and Charms (Courtesy of Granny Logan)

My offering for the Time For Love Blog Hop comes courtesy Granny Logan, a witchy old lady I happen to know quite well.

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If you drive to the end of a particular dirt road in the rugged hills of north central Arkansas and follow the path up a rocky hill and down the other side until the bubbling tune of a spring-fed creek and the musty odor of mugwort simmering in the sun pull you  from your own time, you will see a gray clapboard shack beneath a sheltering oak tree. The purple door will be unlocked. Granny will know you’re coming.

Many a child in the region owes existence to Granny’s midwifery. Many a pensioner says a silent thanks to her for lumbago poultices and arthritis ointments.

People seek her out for her medicinal concoctions, but others ask for her help in more delicate matters.

My neighbor steals from me and I don’t know how to stop him.

Something ghostly haunts my house. Can you help me?

I need protection from my ex-lover—my in laws—my employer. Granny, you are my only hope.

Some she turns away because Granny doesn’t practice black magic. Not anymore. Not much. But she has a weakness for one particular kind of request.

Granny, I’m in love. I don’t know what to do.

She’ll be sitting in her cane rocker beside the window, watching the birds and tying knots in a jute cord. She’ll wink at you with bright black eyes.

“I reckon I got what you want,” she’ll say. “But you better be damn sure you really want it. I don’t hand out refunds just because you change your mind.”

Granny doesn’t mince words.

“My potions don’t know the difference between a good  ‘un and a bad ‘un. Think a minute, little missy. If this feller you got your cap set fer ain’t exactly what you want, you better back up and wait fer another.”

She’ll set her knotted cord aside and rise. You’ll be surprised when she stands. She’s a tiny woman, thin and delicately made, but frail is not a word you would use to describe her. Her motions are quick, sure. She turns to the shelves, picking a bottle here, a box there, a bundle of sweet smelling herbs.

“Let’s see what I’ve got. Carnelian for desire, rose quartz for love, red rose petals, a bit of yarrow. A snip of rosemary. I’ll put these in a red velvet bag and pull the string tight. Now you put this under yer pillow on a Friday night. Best during a first quarter waxing moon to bring the visions—in Pisces if you can wait that long. You’ll see yer lover in a dream. Make love to him there and he’ll remember you.”

If you can convince her your cause is dire and that you know your mind, she might be persuaded to do something a little more . . .stringent.

“Oh, I could whip up a spell that’d turn his eyes to you, make him forget his wife, his children, even make him step in front of a train if you tell him to. I could make a potion of graveyard dust and mugwort root and belladonna. Basil leaves in red wine to drink in the dark of the moon. High John and bergamot, calumus and myrrh.

“Will you pay the price? And I ain’t talking about money. Tampering with Fate fiddles with yer soul. Changes yer Karma. Upsets the Universe.” She’ll tilt her head and narrow her black bead eyes. “But I can do it.”

Granny Logan lives in my Zoraida Grey series. She’s a little scary when she wants to be, but Zoraida would do anything to keep her this side of the grave. In Zoraida Grey and the Family Stones, Granny’s life hangs in the balance and Zoraida doesn’t have a choice. Black Magic may be the only way.

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Here are a  few of Granny’s less scary love remedies:

  • Put rose petals in all four corners of your bedroom to liven things up.
  • Grow an avocado from the pit to attract a lover.
  • Grow basil in pots in your home to draw love and to enhance erotic interest.
  • Fill a small conjure bag with ivy and carry it next to your heart to attract a man.
  • Make a string of juniper berries to attract a lover.
  • Sprinkle dried rosemary on a lodestone. Put it in a bag and carry it to attract a lover.
  • Plant pansies, poppies, rosemary, thyme or miniature roses in a window box to signal your availability to the Universe and open the way for love to find you.
  • Dig up the footprint of the one you love and put it in a bag. Carry it with you and your love will be impelled to follow you.

Thanks for stopping by. I’d love to hear what you think of the post, of Granny, of Zoraida Grey. Got a love potion of your own you’d like to share? Leave a comment to let me know you are out there.


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