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Listen to the Sound of my Voice: Guided Imagery for Past Life Regression

So here you are sitting in the office of a hypnotherapist getting ready for your first past life regression. You’ve practiced meditation, you’ve got a question you want answered, and you’ve got your safe place all ready–just in case. Now what?

Here is a version of the guided imagery my hypnotherapist used as we went into the session. If you want to do this at home–and you can–record your own version or just run through it in your mind as you meditate.

The trick is to find a quiet place where you will NOT be disturbed for an hour or two. I’m sure there are as many of these imagery prompts as there are people, but this one worked for me.
You also need a question you want this session to answer. Go in with your question or goal for this session in mind.

    So we start in a garden on a nice day. Walk through the garden, enjoying the beautiful flowers. Smell the lilacs, feel the thorns on the roses, listen to the birds. Feel the dirt beneath your toes, the air on your face.

     As you walk through this pleasant garden, you come across seven steps leading downward. They are very old and covered with moss. They glow with a white light that looks like mist. Fog obscures the lower steps. All you can see is the very next level. You step down the first step.

stairs 2
     Feel the steps beneath your feet, smell the cool air, notice the way the steps are worn as if many feet have gone this way over centuries. Breathe in the cool, misty air and notice the white light becoming more intense.

     Step down the second step. The air is a bit cooler and the smell even mustier. You feel calm and relaxed, curious about what you will find, open to possibilities.

     Step down the third step. Feel the slippery dampness of the stone steps beneath your feet. The white light is all around you. You look down at your feet and see them immersed in the white light.

     Step down the fourth step. It is much cooler now and the now your legs glow with the white light. The light is around you and in you.

     Step down the fifth step. You are going deep into your subconscious with each step. You are relaxed and curious. Notice the white light moving up your legs and torso.

     Step down the sixth step. The white light expands up your torso, into your arms, up your neck. Your entire body glows with a white light just as the ancient steps do.

     Step down the seventh step. The white light encompasses your entire body and head. You are a glowing figure standing at the bottom of the ancient stone steps.

 Walk away from the steps. This is a place of infinite possibilities so you aren’t surprised when you see an old fashioned movie theatre. Walk into the lobby. The smell of popcorn is thick. Notice three doors leading to the different viewing rooms. Choose a door and walk into the theatre. Down the sloping aisle past the plush seats. The lights are dim. Find a good seat where you can see the screen and settle in.

    The screen is blank with curtains on each side. Enjoy the anticipation of what is to come. Rephrase your question one more time. The lights dim. Know that you are about to get an answer. The show is about to start.        

 Concentrate on the screen. It is still blank, but something is moving. The screen dissolves like fog, but by bit. You see a little more of the picture as each moment goes by. Give it time to clear.

What do you see?

And that is the jumping off point.

Now, the first time I did this, when we got to the movie theatre and the hypnotherapist said “What do you see” a part of my head said loudly, “nothing.” But another part spoke up–no one was more surprised than I was– and off we went. So just say the first thing that pops into your head—don’t overthink it and don’t try to phrase it neatly and don’t be surprised if you are surprised.

After that, just go with the experience. Look down at yourself and try to peg what your role is here, maybe a first name. Look around wherever you are and consider each person you meet. Is this someone you know from your present life? What role are they playing and how are you relating to them.

If a scene seems to end, form a desire to see any other scene important to this session. What else do I need to know?

Keep your question in mind. This is like meditation and lucid dreaming. The set-up—the garden and the steps and the blank movie screen—are very important. Take your time with that if you do this on your own.

It is also important that nobody bother you. Shut off the phone and computer. Pull the shades. Put a light blanket over you because you are sitting still for a bit of time and this experience tends to cool you down. If your eyes start leaking—not tears, just moisture—that is a very good sign.

As you progress and you think you’ve seen nearly enough, consider how this version of you died. Ask to see your death. This is tricky. Nobody likes this. For me it was just sad. For others it is terrifying. If it gets too intense, go to your safe place. Then just ease yourself back to the present.

Remind yourself that the things you’ve seen are over. Your life is still waiting for you. Remind yourself you are relaxed, rested, in control, and that you have learned something important.

You may figure out what you learned right away or it may take weeks or months or longer. For me, I got my question answered immediately in a way I never expected. But I continued to find meaning in the experience. Things occurred to me much later.

I suggest that as soon as you get to a place where you can do it, write down a thorough reconstruction of what you saw. Keep adding to it as new ideas re-surface.

Next week: I Did What?  A Past-Life Story

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