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Let’s Get a Few Things Straight . . . .

Usually when you visit Sorchia’s Universe, you won’t see anything political. It ain’t my thang! I write Gothic fantasy and paranormal romance for the express purpose of avoiding such realities.

But every now and then, it’s good to take stock. The end of this disastrous, heartbreaking year seems a good time. So indulge me while I vent this one time.

If you feel the need to reply with abuse or rhetoric from another side, fine. Enjoy yourself. I won’t respond but I will delete. Not because I can’t take criticism—I’m a writer for God’s sake, criticism is an everyday occurrence—but because this is not a political forum. It’s a writer’s blog and I’m expressing my opinions so my readers know where I’m coming from. No more, but no less.

  1. Trump. My gut tells me this guy is going to get us all killed. If any of us are still here this time next year (because nuclear war) and if the Internet is still free (because regulate the Internet) and if I’m not in the poorhouse (because end Medicare, Social Security, minimum wage, unemployment) and if the revolution hasn’t turned violent (because Hate) we can revisit the situation.
  2. Climate change. We get to have opinions on many things—books, movies, political figures, and ice cream. We don’t get to have opinions about facts. Smoking causes cancer; sex causes babies; people are intensifying climate change. It’s Mother Nature’s way of saying “Clean up your room or else. Geez.” The only debate about this issue is caused by people with vested interests in disproving it and people foolish enough to listen to them.
  3. Racism/Feminism/ homophobia/ xenophobia/ general assholiness. It seems that people of every color, gender preference, gender, ethnic background can easily find reasons to hate people of another color, gender preference, gender, ethnic background. I don’t know why. It’s stupid. I am not the most politically correct person—I actually like racist/blond/gay/prejudice-of-your-choice jokes because I find them outrageous in an ironic, sarcastic way. Somebody who listens to me and doesn’t understand satire might be offended. To those people, I say—“Get over it.” The best way to devalue an attitude is to make fun of it. Archie Bunker, Mel Brooks, Stephen Colbert (the old show) all do this with style. That’s the world I want to live in—where stupid things get the spotlight so everybody can clearly see the stupidity. Every human on the planet has value and deserves to achieve whatever the hell he/she wants to. We all gain when one of us succeeds. Why is this even a thing?
  4. Abortions. I hate them. I wish no one ever had to have one again. BUT we do not live in a perfect world where no woman gets pregnant unless she wants to and every child is born into a loving and secure home. A safe and legal alternative to unwanted pregnancies mitigates the damage. People who squawk AGAINST abortions need to be squawking FOR sex ed. and counseling and accessible birth control because the solution is in these things. Unfortunately, many squawkers don’t do that. Which makes them (at best) hypocrites.

  5. Obama. I have not agreed with everything he did or did not do. But during his eight years, there have been no marital scandals, no classless photos/comments/tweets, and neither he, Michele nor the children have not gone insane in public. I like that in a first family.

And that’s it for a year. Yep, there are other things I have strong beliefs about—spaying or neutering pets, improving educational opportunities in low income communities, religious freedom (which includes freedom FROM religion if that is your choice), and lowering the tariffs on Scotch—but I don’t feel a need to expound on those at the moment.

If any of you are unable to read my stories now that you know my deep dark beliefs—go in peace. For the rest of you, tune in next week when we return to our regularly scheduled blogging about the wild, the weird, the Celtic.

Happy New Year, Everybody, and may 2017 be a damn sight better than the bitch of year we all just endured.

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