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K is for Karma

Karma is one of those words that mean different things to different people. The concept is hard to pin down in just a few words. It’s origins are Sanskrit but like all words, it’s meaning has evolved over a very long time. The idea is in every religion though often defined as system of reward and punishment. In general, karma refers to the idea that ethical behavior is rewarded. Punishment isn’t a part of karma. Instead, if you don’t behave ethically in a certain situation, you get another opportunity to do better—until you get it right. It’s like Groundhog Day only spread out over eons. “As ye sow, so shall ye reap” is an expression of karma in the Bible. A subtle difference from punishment, but a difference all the same.

You can believe that karma acts during one lifetime or during many. It’s different from Fate in that you are in total control of your karma. Your thoughts and actions today determine what happens to you tomorrow. Chance is contradictory to karma and coincidences are not coincidences. Instead, you look at each situation as an opportunity to learn something or to teach something. You can believe that God directs karma or you can believe that karma is a law of the universe. And, of course, you can choose not to believe in it at all.

If you choose to believe in karma and start looking for it, you will never want for humor. It is, of course, most easy to find in the lives of others—and that’s the funniest part. It takes a bit of introspection and honesty to see it at work in your own life.

How does karma relate to magic? Well, a lot of things

that we call magic turn out to be science. If karma is a law in the universe like gravity , the Dilbert principle and Murphy’s law, it’s still magical to watch. That’s probably at least partly due to the fact that somewhere in our reptilian brain, there is a crocodile wearing sunglasses saying, “No way is this real.”

Also I couldn’t think of another K word even remotely interesting and related (except, of course, my name but that would be a very dull post.)

Karma is a background element in Just Like Gravity which is still stalled at the publishers. Hoping to actually have an e-book by the end of the month.

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