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Just Like Gravity–another little taste

   Just Like Gravity is a paranormal romance set in Scotland. Anna has bad dreams–so bad she wakes up screaming two nights out of three.  She smells the blood. She feels the knife. The dreams lead her to Scotland where she hopes to find their cause. Hiking the Great Glen Way, she becomes separated from her daughter and meets a drunken Scotsman with troubles of his own.   He’s intrigued by her confession–something she didn’t mean to say.


Photo courtesy Casey Cowan, Oghma Creative Media
Photo courtesy Casey Cowan, Oghma Creative Media

We slid down the trail in a kind of muddy ballet, at first cursing each other and then broadening our maledictions to include the rain, the path, specific rocks, and life in general. When I called him a keech-covered knobdobber, I definitely heard him chuckle.

“What a mouth is on ye!” He looked back at me. I liked the way his eyes crinkled at the edges when he laughed. “Do ye kiss yer daughter with that mouth? And yer husband?”

“I killed my husband.” The words spilled out before I could stop them, tumbling over each other as they escaped.

“I’m not surprised.” We paused on a wider spot on the trail to pass the flask one more time between us. “Ye’ve chosen wisely. No place is better than the Highlands for hiding.”

My hands trembled, but not from the cold. Beneath my poncho, I dried them on my jeans. He watched me with raised eyebrows as though I were an interesting bug he’d found on a piece of manure.

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