Help me Pick a New LOGO

Things are popping in the U. and it’s time to spruce it up. Here are some ideas. Pick one in the poll and leave me words of wisdom in comments.

If you’ve read anything of mine, you know I have a penchant for witches and magic; steamy love scenes are a must; bad guys may be good guys and vice versa; at some point, we will be in Scotland; ghosts and ghoulies will come a-creeping. Which one of these logos represents? They may look a bit blurry in these versions. Whichever one gets chosen will be sharp and clear in real life.

Here are the contenders: (And I have to say that E is sort of a joke–it’s a bit too whimsical, but tell me what you think.)










3 thoughts on “Help me Pick a New LOGO”

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    1. Bang! I like that. It would be for twisted fairy tales for middle grades–the kind I would have loved at 10-13.

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