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G is for Ghost

In Just Like Gravity, ghosts flit around an old house. One of them tosses books at Anna’s head, but another one shares important information with her. You can’t write a Scottish story without ghosts. My ghosts always wind up being charming and funny since I am charming and funny, myself. But what about the tortured, scary, pull-you-out-the-top-floor-window-and-laugh-while-you-fall kind of ghosts?

Do you believe in spooks?

Yes, photos and recordings are touted as proof, but it’s awfully easy to fake a picture or audio. And it’s too easy to make a mistake or interpret incorrectly. People look for connections and hearing a ghostly voice through static or seeing a face in the mist may fall into that category. On the other hand, the idea of ghosts has been around for a long time. And where there’s mist, there may be specters.

I’ve talked to otherwise steady and practical-minded people who swear they’ve had “experiences.” A game camera near an old cemetery caught odd lights on a cold November night. A security camera on a friend’s porch followed a black mist. An old woman at the side of the road at midnight disappears in a wink. Shadows and reflections where there shouldn’t be shadows and reflections send me running to turn on all the lights when I’m home alone, but it’s easy to creep yourself out. It’s one thing to sit around a fire with friends telling ghost stories and it’s quite another to be walking alone through the cemetery at dusk on Halloween. I did this kind of by accident and, spooks or no spooks, grass didn’t grow under my feet on that walk.

So DO you believe in spooks? Have a ghost story to share, an image, an opinion? Share it below.

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Cover by Oghma Creative Media
Cover by Oghma Creative Media

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