Friday Fictioneers: Family Legend

Ninety-nine words!

“Why’d you come back?” He leaned against the doorframe—shirtless, tanned, beautiful.

“Missed your cooking.” My dress hugged shaking legs in the spring breeze. I sounded braver than I felt.

“Aren’t you sick of this—what did you call it?—backwoods boil on the Universe’s ass.” He spat the words.

Gentle chimes broke his mood. A rising wind swayed the black iron bell on the porch.

“It only rings for weddings and funerals.” His cat-green eyes slipped over me like warm water. ”Family legend.”

“Which one now?” I held my breath.

He stepped aside. “Come in and we’ll see.”

22 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers: Family Legend”

  1. I liked this story very much – it pulled me in straight away. Even in just 99 words you’ve given them potential I reckon. She came back after all. And he invited her in. What more can a good story want! 🙂

  2. Sounds romantic, but I still don’t know if it’s going to work. Well-written. On a completely different note, so to speak, what Scotch do you like? I like the smoky Scotchs, such as Lagavulin.


    1. Thanks, Janet. I’m not sure about them either. They seem to have more problems than 100 words allows. As for Scotch, Laphroaig is my favorite. The peatier, the better. I’ve never tried Lagavulin–it’s on my bucket list.

    2. Thanks, Janet. They seem to have more problems than can be dealt with in 100 words. As for Scotch, Laphroaig is my favorite. I’ve never tried Lagavulin but it’s on my bucket list :). Glad you enjoyed my story.

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