Dark Magic

Friday Fictioneers is an insane scramble to tell a story with a paltry 100 words.  I’ve missed the last couple of weeks and suffered withdrawal as a result.   Obviously, Rochelle’s aim is to enslave us all and force us to write efficiently.  My story this week is about enslavement, as well, though I can’t quite picture Rochelle as the evil necromancer who terrorizes my characters–but you never know.


Dark Magic

“Run!” He stood above me atop the castle tower, a shadow in the moon-bright sky. “Don’t stop. I’ll find you.”

copyright-Jennifer Pendergast
copyright-Jennifer Pendergast

Out the castle gates I flew. Magic snapped at my heels, enchantments loosed by a foe beyond my craft.

“I’ll find you!” My enemy’s whisper assured.

At the outer gate, I fell, spent, my fingers coiled above the atom of life in my belly. The castle, a black hole in the night, blazed to phosphorescent blue lightening . . . and winked out. Gone. Dissolved in the ether.

Whose witchery prevailed? I squinted down the path with light-blind eyes, waiting.

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21 thoughts on “Dark Magic”

  1. Wow. I haven’t been this engaged from a 100 word story in a long time, if ever! Seriously, this was action-packed and very visual. I’m not sure why, but I especially love “magic snapped at my heels.” I’m really wanting more. Great work!

  2. I could really feel the tension here, so you did good. I was left wondering a bit who was who and whether those first lines were a threat or a reassurance.

    1. Excellent question. Could be either/or. In my current WIP, I’m working hard to make the bad guy seem like the good guy and vice versa at the start. The “I’ll find you” in this FF offerring is both a reassurance and a threat…but magic is tricksy, precious. Thanks so much for reading and commenting.

  3. Oh. Nice bit of fantasy and slinging of magic. Good and descriptive, especially “beyond my craft”. Really liked that line. I’m just finishing off a short story in the same genre as this. Nice to read others of the same ilk.

  4. Dear Kay,

    Magical story. Graphic and intriguing.

    Me? Looking to enslave? Hmmm. I never expected anyone to see the truth. 😉

    Shalom from the chief slave,


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