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A-Z Blog Challenge 2015–Crystal Fix–Witch Stone


W is for Witch Stone

Witch Stones, hag stones, holey stones, fairy stones, hex stones, adder stones

    • A stone with a hole in it is a witch stone. It’s good luck to find one. To be a real witch stone, the hole should go all the way through the stone.
    • People used to nail them over the door of the house or the stable to bring luck and to protect the people or inhabitants.
    • Set them on the windowsill to keep out negative energy.
    • Sailors and fishermen still tie witch stones to nails or staple just below the gunwales on the boat or ship to ward off witchcraft and enchantment.
    • Good luck is especially for the one who finds the stone.
    • If you look through the hole, you may see monsters, elementals, fairies, an alternate world.
    • Tie a red cord through it and wear as an amulet to protect against the evil eye.
    • Put one under the mattress to alleviate rheumatism.
    • Tie to the bedpost to prevent nightmares and to keep the witches away at night—though witches are excellent party guests and can always be counted on to liven things up if your other friends are dull.
    • Looking through the hole can also show you the true nature of a person.wpid-wp-1430102276763.jpeg

    Especially found near rivers or coasts, serpent stones were associated with Druids and later witches. Fossils are also referred to as witch stones, especially fossils with a spiral pattern. These can be used to aid past life regressions. Hold the fossil as you regress. If you are alarmed by what you see, drop the fossil and return to the present. When you stumble upon a witch stone without intentionally looking for it, the luck (and the magic) is stronger.

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Monday’s Crystal Fix: Witch Stones

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Cover by Oghma Creative
Cover by Oghma Creative

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