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A-Z Blog Challenge 2015–Crystal Fix–Unakite


U is for Unakite

A gentle healing stone

  • Place in a bowl with other stones or alone in your home to produce a gentle and calm energy
  • Use for scrying. Best when used in conjunction with several other suitable stones.  Place in a bag and draw a stone to answer a question or cast stones on a scrying wheel.
  • Gently releases anything slowing down spiritual growth
  • Excellent to use during convalescence after a major illnessUnakite
  • Aids a healthy pregnancy
  • Stimulates weight gain after illness
  • Lifts you up when you are feeling down and helps you see the beauty of life again
  • Used to find things that are lost
  • a good stone for someone with anger issues

I have to admit, I couldn’t get this stone delivered in time to try it out. I definitely need it to find all the stuff I’ve lost and the calming energy will be welcome (though the gaining weight thing worries me.) For more info about this pretty and sweet-natured stone, go HERE.

Tomorrow’s Crystal Fix: Vanadinite

 Bonus--Last year for the A-Z Blog challenge, my theme was Magic. See the U is for Unicorn post HERE.

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Cover by Oghma Creative
Cover by Oghma Creative

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