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A-Z Blog Challenge 2015–Crystal Fix–Nebula Stone



 Is For Nebula Stone

Nebula Stone—oneness, enlightenment, remembrance

  • The stone is a combination of 4 minerals, Quartz, Anorthoclase, Riebeckite and Aegirine with possibly zinc present in some exampleswpid-wp-1429185649070.jpeg
  • All minerals work together to raise consciousness and enlighten.
  • Said to enhance remembrance of soul’s journeys, the stone connects higher with lower, Universe with self.
  • Promotes healing at the cellular level.
  • The stone is found exclusively in New Mexico and is a new age stone who’s properties are still being researched.


A couple of rock hounds stumbled on a unique rock in New Mexico. They followed a path into a hidden valley—“Everything appeared lush and vibrant, and there were many old trees watching over the valley. We felt as though we had entered a very special place–almost magical. The sounds and colors seemed enhanced and even the birds and animals seemed curious. We had never found any place quite like this before. . . . unusually serene and peaceful.” (

They sent samples off and got varied results–nobody can agree just what the stone is made of and how it formed.  Metamorphic or igneous, jadeite or quartz pentellerite–it’s a mystery.

(and that’s my very own hand in the picture–any palm readers–let me hear what you think.)

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Cover by Oghma Creative

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