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A-Z Blog Challenge 2015–Crystal Fix–Moonstone


 Is For Moonstone

Moonstone-reflective, calming, intuitive

  • Tied to the moon, the stone waxes and wanes and is most helpful in stimulating lucid dreams during a full moon.
  • The stone enhances feminine energies and improves emotional intelligence.
  • It is receptive and passive and promotes psychic abilities, especially clairvoyance.
  • Use it to alleviate stress and cure digestive and reproductive issues related to stress.
  • Good for pregnancy, childbirth and breast-feeding.
  • Can cure insomnia and prevent sleepwalking.
  • Wear as a ring or place on the forehead for psychic and spiritual experience, solar plexus or heart for emotional issues.
  • Effects can intensify with the full moon requiring the stone be removed by those who feel theMoonstonese effects intensely.

I have a ring with an itty-bitty moonstone at the center of the set. The ring is a bit loose and one day I was tossing a couple of egg shells in the general direction of the compost bin when the ring slipped off. (Yes, I lose stuff all the time and spend a substantial portion of my life looking for something I had in my hand moments before) I even got out the metal detector with no luck.  Over a year later, my husband found it perched on the edge of a raised garden bed. I guess it wanted to spend nights under the moon for a while.

Moonstone is made of two kinds of feldspar, orthoclase and albite. As magma, these two mingle and then cool slowly, separating into stacked layers of crystals. Light strikes the layers and creates the glow called adularescence for which moonstone is prized.

Moonstone is not as durable as some gemstones.  I took my runaway ring to a jeweler to have it sized, but decided against it.  The jeweler was concerned the stone would be damaged by the heat of working with the silver band. According to him the stone can lose the luminescence if exposed to heat and  will crack or scratch easily.  Clean with a soft cloth and water and don’t wear moonstone rings when you do housework–or when you are tossing stuff out the door.

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Cover by Oghma Creative

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