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A-Z Blog Challenge 2015 Crystal Fix–Fluorite



    Is for Fluorite



Fluorite—Organize, analyze, balance

  • Use for protection against psychic threats and invasion.
  • This stone brings into balance anything that is off kilter—whether it is in your body, your love life, your work, your home.
  • It is especially useful if you work at a computer or use your cell phone a lot and are worried about electromagnetic damage. It reorganizes DNA and cell structure.  Put it between you and the computer or wear as earrings. 
  • Good for pain relief connected with dental work and nerve-related pain.
  • A great learning aid, keep a stone nearby as you study. As it organizes and analyzes info.
  • It deals with your intellect and will lessen strong emotions like anger or jealousy, though it is sometimes used to spark the libido—reinforcing the theory that the most important sex organ is the mind.
  • Fluorite is a New Age stone with no ancient uses.


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