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A-Z Blog Challenge 2015–Crystal Fix–Diamonds

A for wp

Dis for Diamonds.

Diamond’s bring purity, clarity, fidelity to a relationship, but they can increase negative power as well as positive. It’s piercing, white light will illuminate everything—  the bad as well a s the good. Diamonds clear the aura of fog, allowing the truth to  shine through.

  • Helps with Glaucoma and re-balances metabolism.
  • Used to protect against poisons
  • Diamonds can nullify the effects of cellphone use especially if you wear diamond earrings.
  • Once the diamond spots negative energy, the harsh, bright light requires transformation.
  • It is a stone of protection, but not the protection of a good defense. Instead the diamond believes a good defense is a good offense and advises dynamic action to protect one’s interests.
  • It ensures for a good nights rest free of nightmares when worn for that purpose.
  • It is a military stone, worn by Roman soldiers to increase strength and ensure victory.


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