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A-Z Blog Challenge 2015–Crystal Fix–Carnelian

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Full of vigor and life force, stimulates creativity and grounds you in the present reality. 

  • Great for dramatic pursuits and for building courage.
  • It stimulates blood flow, especially to the female reproductive organs-getting rid of lethargy, frigidity, infertility. 
  • A stone near the front door will encourage abundance to walk in and will protect against the negative forces of stagnation and idleness. Otherwise, a pendant will achieve your purpose. 
  • Carry a carnelian stone or wear it in a ring or as a pendant when you have to speak in public. It provides courage and eloquence on such occasions.
  • Also said to prevent nightmares and increase sexual energy. Helpful for any blood disorder, nosebleeds, as well as toprevent insanity and to generally promote good health.


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