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A-Z Blog Challenge 2015–Theme reveal

Theme Reveal

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Welcome to my theme reveal for the A-Z Blog Challenge in 2015.  This year, my theme is all about Healing Crystals. Each day in April (except Sundays), I’ll post a snippet about a crystal or healing stone: how to use it, what it’s good for, whether or not it worked for me, a picture of the stone when I can, and a little rhyme about it.  And, of course, a little shameless self-promotion at the bottom.

 My next book, Zoraida Grey and the Family Stones  will be released in September. It is about a quest to retrieve a stolen crystal from a pack of witches and ….well, go Here for more info.

You can also find links to my latest release, Just Like Gravity, a paranormal romance set in Scotland.  Find out more about Just Like Gravity HERE.

Cover by Oghma Creative
Cover by Oghma Creative

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