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A-Z Blog Challenge 2015–Beryl

A for wp

B    Is For Beryl

Beryl is a stress reliever, teaching you to let go of the extraneous and focus on the real wpid-wp-1427559015652.jpegpriorities.  Polished, it can serveas a scrying stone and it provides guidance in anxious times.  It is especially helpful with ailments of elimination and will help clear your body of toxins by fortifying your liver.  It helps filter toxins out of your body and mind and helps you speak your truth.

Place it over the part of your body in need of healing or hold it with intention.


Tomorrow’s Crystal fix: Carnelian

Bonus_Bonus–Last year for the A-Z Blog challenge, my theme was Magic. See the B is for Bibbety Bobbety Boo post HERE.

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