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Voodoo Queen– Zoraida2 Cover and Pre-Order

It’s Witch-tastic and Hex-aliscious!!

The cover for Zoraida Grey and the Voodoo Queen (Zoraida2) pushes all the right magical  buttons!!  You’ve got your ominous Voodoo priestess and your Mayan temple and your big blue Moon!  I mean, if we tried to hint at every weird thing that happens in this book on the cover, we wouldn’t have had room for the title. Just in case you want to know–Here are a few of the things we couldn’t fit:

Death bats

At least one naked blue Scotsman


Red-eyed minions

A very fast yacht

A big ole hurricane named Mab




An earthquake

Stolen emeralds the size of Rhode Island


And a Cat 



Preorder a copy today


Launch Day is August 1!

Check out my Witchmageddon Page for a giveaway, a couple of sales, coupons, and a plethora of posts, parties, and promos.


(And if you think this sounds tasty–just wait for the last book in the Zoraida Grey series–Zoraida Grey and the Pictish Runes–coming later this year.) 

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