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Becker Circle -Novel Magic on Sorchia's Universe

Novel Magic: Murder, Suspense, and Cocktails with Author Addison Brae

Murder! Suspense! Cocktails! Or, as we call it here in Sorchia’s Universe–Tuesday. Read on for a glimpse at Addison Brae’s breakout novel of romance, suspense, and–yes–cocktails. A Not So Perfect Fresh Start in Becker Circle by Suspense Author Addison Brae Who hasn’t had a fresh start? Most have had many. Thank you Sorchia for allowing me to be a part of your super-cool blog! Gillian, the main character in Becker Circle,”worked her butt off to graduate Harvard a semester early […]

Self Defense

Friday Fictioneers contribution for March 14. Join the fun at Self Defense “My leg’s broke.” He clinched his teeth. The barrel rumbled over the planked pier as they pushed it to the boathouse in the lake’s center. Each step brought grinding pain. “Don’t be a baby.” She didn’t spare a glance. A cool, fish-scented breeze wafted across the water.  Not another soul around. How long would their luck last? “Help me get it over the rail.” A gut-wrenching pull, […]