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Moonlight Becomes You by Robert Herold

Novel Magic: Movie Maven Mausoleum

Dark and stormy nights….screams from the forest….the bay of a wolf by the light of the full moon! If these are a few of your favorite things, you are in for a bone-chilling treat. My guest, Robert Herold offers a list of classic horror movies guaranteed to appeal to the dark side. So tuck the little ghouls in bed, fill your goblet with blood red wine, and settle in for a movie night of terror. Oh, and by the way, […]

The DEAD of Winter Movie List

The Spring Equinox is over fifty days away. Fifty more dreary, cold days and nights!! How—in the name of Satan’s Uncle Bob––can we possibly make it to the Spring equinox alive?  I have just the thing. The Dead of Winter Movie List.   For the past couple of weeks, we’ve been talking about Gothic stories and movies. (Check out Gothic Romance in the 21st Century and 10 Gothic Movies for a Dark and Stormy Night.) I continued the theme with […]